Thursday, May 10, 2007

20 things I am not

1. Ever going to stop playing at least 30 minutes of Guitar Hero every day. God willing.
2. Cool
3. Willing to believe that Paris Hilton doesn't deserve to go to jail
4. Afraid of making an ass out of myself to get everyone to laugh
5. In the least bit, motivated at all today to do anything
6. Going to worry about the job interview that I had today. If it happens, good. If not, oh well.
7. Able to stop scratching this damn mosquito bite that I got from standing around talking outside last night
8. At all interesting in turning around to see what is on the tv screen even though I just heard the words "chocolate" and "colonics" within 10 seconds of each other
9. Doing very well at 365 days
10. Shopping online. Okay, well maybe I am
11. Willing to admit that the fact that one of my calendars shows April and another one shows March proves just how damn lazy I can be
12. Proud of the fact that I just hid from the UPS guy because I'm in a tank top and tiny shorts
13. Capable of not picking at my nails
14. Happy about the fact that I am such a wimp that I couldn't even lay out in the sun for more than 30 minutes without complaining about how hot it was and having to go inside to cool off
15. Going to be able to handle being at the beach for a week
16. Willing to stop checking my email at least once an hour
17. Able to decide whether or not there should be a period at the end of each of these phrases. I know that they aren't sentences, but there is still something in side of me that is compelling me to put periods at the end of each one.
18. A hater
19. In love with my hair anymore. Earlier today, it was fantastic, but now, not so much.
20. Able to think of anymore things that I am not

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