Sunday, December 31, 2006

Maybe this is why my friends are always calling me a pussy

As I pushed my cart up to the checkout line, I could already see the checker-person staring at my semi-full cart with contempt.

I know. How dare I grocery shop when she is working? Whore! After she caught me staring at her staring at my cart, she kinda half-smiled to show me that she wasn't really angry that I did my grocery shopping while she was working. But you could tell that she still was. So to smooth things over with this angry checker-person, I gave her a big smile and a "hi, how are ya?" type of thing. Didn't help. She was still angry.

Oh, well. Don't care. But I do! So as she huffed while scanning the large amount of fruits and vegetables that I had, I apologized for attempting to buy some many fruits and vegetables.

Yep. I apologized for buying food. And! Offered to put some of them back up.

Hi, my name is Vagina McGinastein and I offered to put back my groceries so this little girl didn't have to work. Help me now.

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Tasty said...

You have cracked me straight up, girlie. Thanks for the laugh!!