Tuesday, October 24, 2006


For the last two years, I have participated in NaNoWriMo.* Participated, but never completed. And so this year, I quit. Because quitters are cool. And because I have found something that will be a little bit easier to accomplish. It's called NaBloPoMo.** This one I can actually do. Come back every day and I can promise you that there will be some sort of new content on this page. I can't promise you that it will be funny or worth your while, but it will be new.

*In case you are too lazy to click on the link and find out what NaNoWriMo is, I'll give you a brief overview. You have 30 fucking days to write a novel (must be at least 175 pages and 50,000 words. Piece of cake, right? Wrong (although I know you know that).

**In case you are too lazy to clickk on the link to find out what NaBloPoMo is, I'll give you a brief overview, but I do want to let you know that you are fucking lazy. And that's why I like you. Anyways back to NaBloPoMo (do you realize how hard that is to type? try it. it's hard. i like using parentheses because apparently, it's my belief that you don't have to capitalize anything inside parentheses. or use correct grammar. awesome.), you have to post something on your blog once a day for 30 days. Seems a bit more manageable.

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falwyn said...

Hee hee. You're very amusing. (and capitalization and grammar are totally optional within parentheses -- they're stream of consciousness, baby!)

I've had a similar time with NaNoWriMo -- in my case, sucking at it. But, because I am crazy, I still want to do it. We'll see if I can talk some sense to myself by next week.

But NaBloPoMo -- BRING IT ON.

Hmm.. the word verification says U D Fud. As in Elmer? Why thank you -- I think.