Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's in my bag?

This is me giving you the chance to see what the fuck makes my bag weigh 27 pounds. Consider this a sneak peek into one of my personal spaces. Here we go...

*wallet-jammed full of shit, including coupons, gift cards, Tom Goes to the Mayor sticker, receipts waiting to be written in my checkbook, electricity bill, pay stubs, random cards (library, movie store, voter's registration, etc.), my checkbook

*keys-with a wallet thingy attached to it filled with shit, including my license, check card, receipts waiting to be written in my checkbook, insurance card, credit card, smart card

*bottle of Always perfume



*Dustin's keys (sorry, Dustin!)


*book of checks because there is only one left in my checkbook

*notification of a certified letter waiting to be picked up at the post office (which I promise I will pick up today, Kathy)

*handwritten list of miraculous uses for vinegar (There are thousands! It may be my new best friend!)

*bottle of Be...Spontaneous perfume (apparently I have issues)

*assload of change because I always throw it in the bottom of my bag at the checkout line because I feel like people will get angry at me if I take the extra two seconds to unzip the change pouch on my wallet to put it in there. I have issues. I won't lie.

*tub of Aloette Maximum Moisture Complex (Sounds fancy. It's not. But it is fuckin' awesome)

*bottle of prescription pills (only Naproxen. Nothing cool. Sorry to disappoint.)

*five dollar bill

*Trident Splash Strawberry and Lime (hated it at first, but now am a little in love)

*apparently more of Dustin's keys

*Almay Intense I-color shadow-Trio for Browns (because I was running freaky late to work and am hungover and need all the help I can get to not look like total shit) (although apparently that isn't working because the courier just asked me if I had a long night last night. Greeeeat.)

*cigarettes (awful, I know)

*cell phone

*name tag

*safety pin (I can't believe anyone is still reading this)

*mascara (yes, another tube)

*Tube of Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial moisturizing lotion in tropical passionfruit (delicious!)

*pink Bic lighter

*red makeup bag

*keychain that I bought in Bell Buckle this past weekend (check Flickr for pictures of the craft fair)

*lens cap to my camera, but not my camera (because I am RETARDED)

*dollar bills

*Burt's Bees cuticle cream and Sally Hansen cuticle cream

*6 tubes and/or pots of chapsticky type products (I guess I could have called them lip balms, but there is just something about the words chapsticky type product that make my heart smile a little)

*3 tubes of lipgloss


*a copy of the book that will help me fulfill my goal of posting everyday during the month of November

*1 tube of lipstick

*scrap of paper with phone number for the heating and air guy

I think that about covers it and now you know the number one cause of my scoliosis and also why I am considered some sort of "girly girl." Whatever that means.

Check Flickr sometime after tonight for photographic evidence of what you have just read. And please come back. I am vowing here and now that I will post more often. At least through the end of November when NaBloPoMo is over.

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