Monday, July 31, 2006

This week in text messages...

This is something new that I will be doing now because it means that I don't have to think or write anything new. I am going through texts that I have sent and ones that I have received. I am just going to list some of them here. If you feel like you want or need a more thorough explanation, email or call me and I'll see what I can tell you.

To me:
"Your definately the smartest woman alive."
"No. Really skinny black girl. Extremely thin. She looked homeless if that helps."
"No cheese."
"A little sex, that's all I'm asking for."
"Okay, shpadoinkler."
"Hit it? Like butt sex?"

From me:
"Your dog wants steak."
"Good, because surely you are some kind of sorcerer."
"Cheese it is then."
"Do I have anything in my teeth?"
"Sponge bath"
"Spanks, bitch."
"You know it's good."
"I did, but only because of what happened one dark and stormy night. And God said unto me, 'Get the super extra text plan because Tyler is number one.' And when God speaks unto me, I listen. Unfortunately that includes my regrettable smiting days."

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