Thursday, July 27, 2006

Random asses everywhere...not as much fun as it was in college.

Okay, so you know that saying, no news is good news. Well in this case, no updates is a good update. I've been writing nothing because I've got nothing. Aren't you glad that you came to see me?

Not a lot has been going on other than the fact that I finally bought my house and have moved in a little. I have 87 DVDs, 10 boxes, four bags of clothes, some of my dishes, my tv and a mattress and box springs sitting on the living room floor. This does not a home make. Wait, I did buy milk and lettuce because I thought that this would make it officially a home. But as my mini melt-down will show, you need more than milk and lettuce. And it doesn't help that both of those are frozen because SOMEONE kept turning down the refrigerator thinking that he/she was turning it up. But anyways, back to my meltdown.

As I said, I have a mattress and two folding chairs from Wal-Mart in my living room right now. So that means that when people are over, their seating choices are severly limited to a folding chair, the floor or my bed. This means that more often than not, my bed is covered in random asses. Sounds like fun, right. Well it was. For about three minutes.

Besides adequate seating, I am also lacking pots and pans to make any kind of food that requires cooking. That means lots of delivery food or fast food or poptarts. Sounds fun, right. Well it was. For about three minutes.

So there are random asses on my bed and a pizza delivery guy on the way to my house, and I officially LOSE MY SHIT. I sit down in the middle of the floor and start to cry. That doesn't sound so bad, right? Wrong. I am shaking and doing that heaving, snotting cry that babies do. I'm also shouting, "I want my couch and I want my pots and pans," over and over. And for some reason, everyone is staring at me. I'm still not sure why. In my opinion, that is a perfectly reasonable response to everything that was happening.

Eventually I calmed down, quietly apologized to everyone and then proceeded to get a little high.

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