Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Putting this in your head so that maybe it will get out of mine

After watching two guys read the back of every box of condoms the other night, I saw them finally choose one and head toward the front of the store. As it turns out, I ended up behind them in the check-out line.

I put my purchases on the belt and watched the cashier ring up the two items that one of the guys was buying. Being nosy, I tried to see what kind of condoms they finally decided to get (Trojan Supras, in case you were wondering). But much to my surprise, not only did I get to see what kind of condoms he was buying, I also got to see what he was buying with the condoms. And man, I wish I hadn't.

After he finished buying his stuff and then headed to the door, I went up to pay the cashier for my stuff. She was trying to hold in a laugh, as was I. Why? Because to go along with his condom purchase, this guy also bought Krazy Glue. The cashier and I laughed about this together and then we decided that we didn't want to know what those two dudes were going to do with a pack of condoms and a tube of Krazy Glue.

But. But! I can't stop thinking about it. Now, I am sure that there is a logical reason why he bought the Krazy Glue. And I'm sure this reason has nothing to do with the condoms. But. What if it doesn't?

Pee to the ess: He had to show I.D. to buy the Krazy Glue. But not the condoms.

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Kizz said...

Water balloons? Seal the neck with the glue? Either that or a really bad practical joke.