Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gotta do this soon before they get deleted

It's that time again for this dayweekmonth in texts. Here we go:

-I don't know 94428 84428 633266777

-I think someone shit on the coats.

-Jesus and I love you more.

-When does your tomfoolery not involve a pooping penguin?

-Text convo:
-Celebrities are just like us!
-They pick their belly button lint! And then smell it!! Or is that just me? !!!!
-They masturbate every 2.3 days! 1!1!!
-They shit in the toilet! Exclamation point!!!

-He told me to tell Jesus hi for him and I told him to do the same for me if he saw Him. He told me he would punch Jesus in the face.

-I'm sitting in a gas station parking lot. And I'm pretty sure there is a hooker on the other side of the lot.

-I said that you don apostrostrophe t know what I apostrophe m saying.

-Will you be my husband if I get picked for Wife Swap?

-Nope. Don't want to be murdered.

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