Thursday, November 02, 2006

Reasons why I heart K-Fed and you should too*

I have received a couple of comments and several emails showing concern over the fact that I seem to have a bit of bizarre and inappropriate crush on Kevin Federline.

I pointed out a couple of reasons why I love K-Fed in my last post. I would know like to elaborate on those a little:

-He is one hell of a dancer. Even if you hate him, you have to give him that. That boy can move.
-He is also a semi-decent actor. I would have to say that his best work so far is the act that he has put on for the entire country. He is acting like a piece of white trailer trash and you are all falling for it. He was also pretty good on CSI.
-While I hate to admit this, I have heard several tracks from his new cd that came out. And it's...not that bad. I know that we would all love to say that it's awful just like we knew it would be, but give him a chance. Go listen to it and then if you can still say he sucks, then I will allow you to suck my balls.
-He's also hot.
-He's smart. Wait. Wait, hear me out. He doesn't have to do a damn thing except have sex with a pop star, smoke a cigarette and then go shopping. Is your life even close to being that awesome? I didn't think so.

These are just a few of the reasons why I think Kevin Federline is a little bit of awesome (I feel like I am writing a concluding paragraph to a second-grade essay). I'm sure I could think of a few more reasons, but there is good music to listen to and good beer to drink in Bowling Green and man, a girl's got her priorities.

Leave me a comment and let me know if I have caused to rethink your staunch anti K-Fed stance (and I'm sure that it's staunch because you can't just kinda like or kinda hate him. It's all or nothing, baby). Or not. Either way, let me know.

*The idea of this post came from Maggie Mason's book "No One Cares What You Had For Lunch." If you don't have this book and you are participating in NaBloPoMo, you might want to think about picking it up. It is filled with great ideas that can help you complete the challenge of posting something every day. This post comes from idea number 54, "Get Defensive." The point of this one is to show something that you love that no one else does and then tell why you love it and why the rest of us should even consider giving it a second chance. As she puts it, defend the indefensible.


Anonymous said...

Fellow NaBloPoMo participant. I clicked, I read. And I felt old. :(

K-Fed? Uhh, I can't even think of anyone to obsess over, maybe Alton Brown (and if that's not an old woman's comment, I don't know what is. Actually, I guess if I would have said "Don Ho" you would have known I was truly over the hill!

diseuse said...

Wow, a K-Fed crush. That is the sort of embarrassing thing I would only admit in a blog, not in front of friends, where hitting is imminent.

Anyway, I like your blog. You even have good arguments to validate your crush!