Saturday, November 04, 2006


Me: I think I am going to give out pennies for Halloween instead of candy.

Gavin: Uh, Aunt Emily, kids want candy, not pennies.

Me: They can buy candy with the pennies that I give them.

Gavin: They'd rather just get the candy from you.

-This would be more hilarious to you if you could see the look of disgust on his face when he heard me even consider giving out pennies instead of candy.

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Lisa said...

I don't understand the dislike with pennies for Halloween either. When I was a young trick-or-treater, I appreaciated whatever the person had to give me, whether it was candy, pennies, fruit, etc.

Guess things have changed in the last 16 or so years since I've been trick-or-treating.

If it was me, I'd tell him to get over it and just put the pennies in a piggy bank or savings account. Be appreciative of what you're given.