Thursday, May 11, 2006

Overheard* at El Taco**

Mother of kids at table: "Would you vote for a presidential candidate just because she was a woman even if you didn't agree with her stand on certain issues?"
Hot mid-twenties girl with beautiful brown hair: "Probably not."
Annoying teenage boy: "Yeah, probably not. And why is that? Because in order to be a woman, she would have to have a cooter. And cooters should not be in charge of the country. Only penises should be in charge."
HMTGWBBH: "Um...that is not why I wouldn't vote for her. I don't base my vote on the candidate's genitals. But do tell me why shouldn't cooters be in charge?"
ATB: "Because they are weak and also tucked inside."
HMTGWBBH: "Yeah, but on the flip side of that, half of the time penises get into trouble by sticking themselves into places they don't belong."

High-five between the mom and HMTGWBBH.

*Okay, so it wasn't so much overheard as it was said by Will (ATB) and me (HMTGWBBH) at dinner with my parents.

**Okay, so the restaurant isn't called El Taco, but I can't remember the name of it. But don't judge me too much because no one in my family knew what it was called. My mom had trouble writing the check because she thought the name of the restaurant started with El, while Will and I were convinced it started with Las. And my dad was sitting there spelling some strange Mexican name that ended up being the brand of hot sauce that was on the table.

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