Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Junk in the trunk...and trash can...and drawer

March 10: Like yesterday's paper...

This week for SPF, Kristine wanted to check out our junk.

My garbage can
This is the trash can that is my bathroom. Pay no attention to the magazine rack filled with books and room spray in the background. I have no need for any of those things in the bathroom. And I know no one sees the dust that is around the bottom of the toilet. Right?!?
My junk drawer
This is the plastic storage piece that I put underneath my bathroom sink because it was all empty storage and there were no drawers for all of my junk. And as you can probably tell, I definitely need room for lots of junk.

My trunk

I'm lucky on this one because I spent a fair amount of Sunday afternoon cleaning out my car. So here's my trunk where I keep bottles of water. This is the best plan for me because of the huge amount of water that I drink every day. I get a couple of bottles before my hour commute to work and then if I don't steal some water from work for the drive home, then I grab a couple of bottles on my way out of town.

Now that I've let you see all of my junk, whether it be in my drawer or in my trunk, I have a question for you. DID YOU PLAY?


Kami said...

I like to keep water in my car, too.


Moody Mammy said...

I usually have a case of water in my car, but it was all cleared out for mulch hauling in my SPF pic.

Suzanne said...

I love how organized your trunk is! I'm proud of you for drinking your water!

AL said...

That is a lot of water. For some reason, I found that funny!