Monday, March 06, 2006

(Getting rid of my) Belly (because of) Lent

I just realized that I forgot to let everyone know what I'm giving up for Lent this year. It took me all day Tuesday (when I realized that Lent started the next day) to decide what I should give up.

Kathy and Cassie thought I should give up alcohol (because somehow they and everyone else think that I'm kind of alcoholic, although I have no idea why-except maybe they heard about the time that I ate a brownie out of my boobs). I asked my mom if I should give up alcohol, but she said no because I already did that one year. She thought that I should give up shopping, but I reminded her that I did that one year and am not about to do it again. Because I love shoes and hand bags and jewelry and perfumes.

Since I started my new job in September, I've noticed that I've put on a few pounds. It could be the fact that I'm not on my feet as much as I used to be or it could be the candy bowl that sits in front of me all day or some sick combination of the two things. I've decided to try and change both of those by getting more exercise (playing DDR!! and working out) and also by giving up chocolate for Lent. I am now on day 6 of NO CHOCOLATE and I've realized that this may be my hardest Lent yet.

But on the very high upside: I've lost THREE POUNDS!!!


Lazy Lightning said...

Holy cow, no chocolate!! I'd probably die! Good job on the weight loss though!

Mainline Mom said...

I did that once for Lent. It sucked.