Thursday, December 01, 2005

My 101 things

They didn't say they had to be interesting...

1. I have never been married and don't want this to change any time in the near future, although I do think about it a lot.
2. I am the middle child.
3. I am the favorite child (if you don't believe me, just ask my mom. But don't ask my dad or you will get an entirely different answer).
4. I believe that graduate school is the spawn of satan and have many arguments to back this up.
5. According to some people (Hi Megan and David!), I own way too many purses.
6. To me, almost every moment that I spend awake can and should be considered a funsaver moment (although now they are considered Sony DSC-H1 moments.)
7. One of my very best friends is the male version of me (Hi Greg!).
8. I never answer my phone and I usually don't return calls either.
9. This is probably due to the fact that I spent 87% of my high school career on the phone (Hi Jeffrey!).
10. I spent 3% of that 87% in the bathtub huddled under a comforter and talking on the portable phone with a guy who was also huddled in his bathtub under a comforterbecause I believed that a killer tornado was coming to get us.
11. Silence unnerves me. I need to hear something all of the time, whether it's the radio, the television, rain, the ocean, or the sound of my own voice talking to myself.
12. I talk to myself. A lot. Sometimes more than I talk to other people.
13. Too often, I'm mean to those that I love.
14. I firmly believe that my best friend is an ass-kicking ninja and should be able to teach me ass-kicking ninja moves.
15. I am obsessed with eyelashes. Not just my own, but also guys with eyelashes that just don't quit (Hi Chris!).
16. Even though I am the middle child, I am spoiled.
17. I slept with someone in Fallout Boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me.
18. I would some day like to be a cool mother, but right now I'm content with being a kick-ass aunt.
19. I am somewhat obsessed with all things Martha Stewart.
20. I am easily distracted, even when I am doing something that I want to do and am being distracted by something less fun or exciting.
21. Going to the library is sometimes the highlight of my week. I'm actually not a boring person, I just love it that much.
22. I am my mother's child.
23. I am a morning person.
24. I am also a night person.
25. I'm fortunate to have the greatest group of friends IN. THE. ENTIRE. WORLD.
26. I am a humble person.
27. But I also know and am not afraid to admit that I kick serious ass.
28. I have hopes of becoming an Olympic ribbon dancer before I turn 30.
29. As long as I don't have to wear a leotard.
30. I am a compulsive list maker.
31. I just bought another purse.
32. I'm really good at a lot of things, but I'm scared that I'm not great at anything.
33. At one point during the trip to Disney World, I actually believed that I saw the guy from Lethal Weapon (pronounced lehthel weepin) 5.
34. I work crossword puzzles in ink. With a bottle of white-out right beside me.
35. I do have a sash (that I will return to Candace along with the crown and sceptor as soon as she hands over the 80 bucks she owes me) that proclaims the fact that I am Queen of Everything.
36. I have a small affinity for most things pink.
37. For the first 18 years of my life, I had on socks 97 percent of the time.
38. Once I started college and my roomate (Hi Marijo!) informed me on the first day that she had smelly feet, I knew I had to get over the hating feet thing that had consumed my life up until that point.
39. Since that day, I wear flip-flops or sandals whenever possible.
40. When I got the letter from the university telling me about my roomate, I truly believed that her name was pronounced Mari-ho.
41. I routinely stick up for my dog who is more often than not called DumbAss or DA for short by my family.
42. I've got a thing for underdogs.
43. Even though I often consider the dictionary to be one of my favorite books, I suck at Scrabble.
44. I fall.
45. A lot.
46. More times than not, my motto is that hard work often pays off over time, but laziness always pays off right now.
47. According to some people (Hi Bryan!), I am a water whore.
48. I love my mom more than anyone in the world.
49. Because my brother is now bigger than me, I'm beginning to regret all of the ass-beatings that use to go down in the Vick household.
50. And that time my sister and I dressed him up like a girl.
51. I have a sick obsession with smell-good things: lotions, sprays, perfumes, Greg & David, candles.
52. I have been sued for $250,000 (sometimes it sounds worse if you say a quarter of a million dollars).
53. This is a great one to use in the game 'Two Truths and a Lie.'
54. At one point in my senior year of college, I had five jobs.
55. I have an extremely annoying laugh.
56. But that doesn't stop me from laughing. A. LOT.
57. My birthday is February 10, 1982.
58. I have been in like, lust, and love.
59. I work with my sister and a girl named Assie.
60. I have more fun at my job than should be allowed and it's because of my sister and that girl named Assie.
61. My mother is convinced that I am an alcoholic.
62. She was probably right up until I graduated from college.
63. My most fun memories from college took place on road trips.
64. And at a redneck bar in Union City.
65. I took four years of Latin and the only thing I remember is the chorus to "Don't be Cruel" by Elvis Presley.
66. In college, my favorite word was awesome.
67. Now it's fuck.
68. This makes my mother sad.
69. I will sing along to anything that's playing music: my Frankenstein Halloween decoration, the radio, my roommate's singing snowman, the music that I hear in my head, etc.
70. I used to want big boobs.
71. Now that I have them, I wish they would go away.
72. I suffer from allergies to many things. And low self-esteem. And according to a show I watched last night, a tumor that is pushing on my brain that makes me feel like I'm thirsty all of the time and is making me become hyponatremic.
73. I am a slight hypochondriac.
74. I can remember almost any kind of number.
75. But I don't remember anything that happened last week.
76. I have no sense of direction.
77. I got lost in the town that I grew up in for 18 years.
78. I knit afghans for the homeless.
79. No, I have not yet been nominated for sainthood. Although I have no fucking clue why.
80. I'm easy.
81. In every way.
82. I love playing Dance Dance Revolution. And yes, you read my birthday right. That was '82 not'92. Yes , I realize I'm probably the only person over 15 who loves playing DDR.
83. Except for my gay soul-mate (Hi Greg!) who snuck out of the bar in Gatlinburg with me to run next door to play DDR at the arcade.
84. I can't and don't want to imagine life without my family and my friends.
85. My family practices the practice of giving WAY. TOO. MUCH. INFORMATION.
86. All of my hair is straight and black.
87. Except for my one gray hair.
88. Greg says it's lucky, so I won't let anyone pull it out. Even though my sister laughs about it every day.
89. I love doing crafts. Which is one of the main reasons I loved working at the daycare.
90. I am just a little obsessed with taking pictures of reflections of myself.
91. I hate having my picture taken by anyone other than my self.
92. I used to hate being taller than everyone else.
93. Now I wear high heels every day.
94. I was once told that I could make a ton of money being a phone sex operator because my voice sounds sexy over the phone.
95. I think this could be true if it's a phone sex line for pedophiles.
96. I am not afraid to tell people that I love them.
97. I worry that I'm supposed to be doing something great, but I have no clue what that something is.
98. I wish I had a Slurpee right now.
99. I think I'm going to stop right here.
100. I'm doin' it, and doin' it, and doin' it well.
101. I can do the impossible and see the invisible because I have faith.

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