Monday, October 31, 2005

Who said storytime has to end after the first grade? Certainly not us.

I have the awesomely good luck of working with my sister and the girl whose name sounds like my sister's. Because of the stressful nature of their job and my need to just sit there and do nothing, we take a break after lunch and have what I call "Storytime with Kathy" (yeah, it took me a while to come up with that one). More often than not, this is one of the highlights of my day, coming second only to when our hottie of a Fed-Ex guy comes in the afternoon. "Storytime with Kathy" consists of Kathy finding some freaky-ass stories about people, usually dumb criminals, dumb lawsuits, dumb people in general and people who should never be allowed to have children.

One of the many benefits of having story time in the afternoon with Kathy (with the t's) and Cassie (with the assies) is hearing inspirational stories of people overcoming hardships in order to lead satisfying and rewarding lives. This story is kinda like that, but only for one of the twins (hint: it's the twin not under the blanket).

*Reba Schappell, of Reading, Pa., a professional country music singer who is also a conjoined twin with sister Lori, was profiled in a September segment of the BBC radio series "Who Runs Your World." Said Reba, "When I am singing, Lori is like any other fan, except she's up on the stage with me (covered in a blanket to reduce the distraction)." Said Lori: "I do not ask for anything from Reba. I don't get in to her concerts free just because she's a conjoined twin. I have to pay, just like every other fan that comes to the concert." [BBC News, 9-21-05]

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