Monday, March 07, 2005

Dear bitch working the desk at the WKU library (Helms, not Cravens, 4th floor)

Thank you so much for not even looking up from your game of solitaire or even telling the group of sorority girls to whom you were talking to hang on for just one sec. when I came over to ask you just two short questions to which I'm sure the answers were simple for you. Now I know you are probably pissed that you get paid only minimum wage to sit there and play computer games and talk to your friends, but I am in the middle of some pretty important research that I need to finish soon. I know you don't care about this because the words Delta, keg party, tube top or mall were not involved, but please get your head out of your ass and help me when I ask for it. Thanks so much.

Just wanted to know where to find one little cultural ethnography book,

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