Friday, January 14, 2005

Reason #1 of the spring semester why grad school is the spawn of satan and while i'm at it, Reson #2

Reason #1

So I'm at the library last night printing out some notes that I need for class on Saturday and I debate whether or not to go the DUC and buy my textbook then or wait until later. Unfortunately for me, I decide to go on and pick it up while I'm on campus.

I go in thinking it will be around 50 bucks for the book. Silly, stupid Emily. I finally find the Comm. section in the huge-ass bookstore. And I go down the row looking for 566, and when I finally find it, I stand there shocked. This little green textbook that was written by THE TEACHER OF THE CLASS is $96.34. What is that? She wrote the book and can't help a girl out any when it comes to the price. Oh well, there goes the rent money. And the money for those awesome shoes I saw at the department store that caused me to almost pass out when I was shopping with my mom the other day.

Reason #2
Tomorrow is the first class of my bi-term class and we already have a project due. That's right. The first day of class we have a project due that will be 20 percent of our grade. Now I know we have to work quickly because we only meet 4 or 5 times, but come on, lady (this being the lady who wrote the textbook for the class and then decided to charge us $96.34 for the damn book), this is ridiculous.

I'm sure I will easily find more reasons to back up my claim that grad school is the spawn of satan as the semester progresses.

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