Saturday, September 18, 2004

Weekend Update

Even though, it's been a while since my last post, there's not much to report. This week has been filled with school and work. I'm seriously thinking that this may be my first and last semester of graduate school. I've never really felt stupid before, but now it happens every Wednesday and Thursday night. I do realize that I would feel more comfortable with the material from the classes if I would spend more time studying, but there are so many more things that I would rather be doing. Work is going well. There's not really much I can say about it. I'm still not sure how I feel about living in Bowling Green. There are so many people I miss from Martin and from White House. It's harder to get to know people here b/c the people I meet in my classes have full time jobs and families. Oddly enough, they don't want to leave their kids and spouses at home to go out and drink. I don't get it :)

I still miss my family, even though now I'm only 40 minutes from home, so it's no big deal to head home for a couple of hours. I got back from a couple of days at home a little while ago. I love it at home, but I'm beginning to realize how living at home would be a tad pathetic. So here I am.

So I just realized that I did something that I haven't done since my freshman year of college. I actually bounced a check. And it's all my fault. B/c it's so easy to check my account online, I've kinda stopped writing down stuff in my checkbook. So I basically have no clue how much money I have in my checking account. I checked it today, and I was -$94. So I transferred money from my savings and promised myself (and my mom) that I would start writing things down again. I feel so stupid and immature when things like that happen.

Since I"m not in the greatest mood right now, I think I am going to wait for my roomie to get home, and then get my drink on. I haven't really done much drinking since the summer, so now seems like as good a time as any.

Not that anyone cares about any of this, but it makes me feel better to let it all out. I promise my next post will be filled with happy things like how excited I am about getting to see Greg and Tan-tra in Martin in a couple of weeks...and then in Florida in a couple of months. Happy Happy thoughts will be the theme of my next entry.

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