Friday, September 10, 2004

50 things to do before you die

50 Things To Do Before You Die

Slum through Europe
Skydive solo without a static line
Drink your age in Jell-O shots*
Own a classic convertible
Total said convertible, walk away, and laugh
Buy a bottle of the real Absinthe
Pilot an airplane
Change careers
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
Have sex in public without getting caught
Get caught
Do something regrettable in Vegas
Fail completely at something big*
Succeed at something even bigger*
Make a pass at a clergyman or woman
Have kids and love them to death
Change a stranger's flat tire
Join an improv comedy troupe
Build a fort*
Ride in a hot air balloon*
Spend a day at a spa
Sneak into a movie*
Have a drink thrown in your face
Jump in a river/lake/ocean fully dressed*
Win over a hostile crowd*
Spend a summer as a Renaissance Fair geek
Drive from coast to coast
Laugh until it hurts*
Eat at a diner called "Mom's"
Look for buried treasure
Learn how to paint
Comfort someone who is dying*
Commit all seven deadly sins in one afternoon
Take ballroom dance lessons*
Smack Carson Daly with a brick
Buy a $500 bottle of wine
Drink a $500 bottle of wine
Roll down a hill of freshly-cut grass*
As an adult*
Pilfer office supplies*
Get a pedicure*
See a movie at a drive-in*
Get a tattoo in the Philippines
Do 50 over the posted limit
Do something nice for a hooker
Eat all the green M&Ms*
Abuse your authority
Be subpoenaed by Congress
Try for four in one night after age 30
Sleep in until at least Tuesday*

*Denotes completed item. So it looks like I need to get busy.

I saw this on a Web site and it looked interesting. I did change the asteriks to show which ones I've done. I also found some more suggestions for the list. They include:

-Have a posterity as numerous as the seed of Abraham
-Turn an enemy into a friend*
-Turn a friend into an enemy*
-Write a best-selling book
-Confront a bigger man until he backs down*
-Violate each of the 10 commandments. In order
-Visit Red Square and moon Lenin's Tomb
-By God, as unrealistic as it is, you still have to add Go Into Space
-See a game at Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Wrigley, Dodger Stadium, Lambeau, Soldier Field, Texas Stadium, Cameron Indoor Arena, and Pac Bell (yes it's new and named after a corporation but already a classic ballpark)
-Eat at a southern Waffle House at 3 in the morning on a weekend*
-Walk the Appalachian Trail
-Drink Purple Jesus at Disneyland(-world)
-Ride horseback in rural Mongolia
-Pee on a National Monument
-Dance at my daughters' weddings
-Be subpoenaed, period.*
-See Antarctica
-Spend a year with Zevon's "Lawyers, guns, and money" as your credo
-Go down rapids, without a boat
-Speak to an audience of over a thousand people
-Spray paint your own car
-See a solar eclipse* (author's note: through the shoe box aluminum foil contraption)
-Make your father proud (author's note: hopefully someday)
-Conduct business on the phone while naked*
-Commit a children's book to memory*

Let me know if you can think of anymore and which ones you've done. But as for me, I've got a long ways to go...

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