Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 was a pretty mundane year, as years go. Although not much happened, I'm going to spend about 15 seconds and go over the few things that did take place this year.

This year I turned 25, which I had personally had no problem with doing. Unfortunately, our waitress at dinner didn't like my positive attitude about turning a quarter of a century old. So she proceeded to tell me about how her sister cried on her 25th birthday because it meant she was getting old and really close to 30. Personally, I don't see 25 as that close to 30, and I don't see 30 as old. But to her, that's because I'm close to 30 and old. Oh well.

This was the year that I met two of the new loves of my life. I guess I'll talk about the human baby first, so I won't make anyone angry. After months of waiting, about nine months if I am doing my math correctly, we finally got to meet the baby that made my sister talk about eating mashed potatoes for one whole day. Kaitlyn was born in June and it's hard to remember life before her. Another important addition to the family is Swarley, who was born in July, although I didn't meet him until September. Although I could probably spend the next five hours writing about how much I love my kitten, I won't. Because I do have better things to do today, and also I don't need to hear any shit about how lame I am for writing about my cat.

This was the year that I made a lot of new friends. And not just friends, but really good friends that will be around for a while. And while I'm excited about these new friends, 2007 was not the year that I made up with lost friends. 2008 will be the year for that.

2007 was the year of the awkward blind date because I went on four or five of them. While this isn't it a lot, it is for me because I'd only been on one before this year. And while I didn't fall in love with any of my dates, I did make a couple of good friends. And I didn't get murdered by any of them, so I win.

While I may consider it the year of the blind date, it was not necessarily the year of the date. This year I haven't felt comfortable in my own skin, so I've had trouble accepting dates because if I don't like myself a whole lot, it's hard to feel like someone else will like you. 2008 will be about learning to like myself more.

2007 was the year of not puking on anyone's couch. So, bonus.

This was also the year that I learned to be more comfortable experiencing new things. And not being afraid to experience them by myself. And for me, that was a big deal.

And now the list:
Best band I discovered (and by discovered, I mean I got if off a list made for me by Laura): Paramore or Copeland

Best movie I saw: Alpha Dog (and yes, I realize that movie is from 2006) or SuperBad

Best gift given to me by someone else: my mixer or my leopard print flats

Best gift given to me by me: Swarley or my BlackBerry

Best show of 2007: Monster Quest or Gangland (both on the History Channel. both seriously amazing)

Best discovery of 2007: Energizer Lithium batteries or the Loreal shampoo that comes in the pink bottle that says something about pearls or fish bowl or the fact that Nathan loves the Dave Matthews Band

2007 was the year that I loved and didn't want to be over, but honestly, I can't wait for 2008. I'm going to make it my best ever. Swearsies.

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