Monday, November 24, 2008

What I love right at this very moment in time:
-that I've got the house to myself for the week and a DVR filled with my shit
-this (if only it came filled)
-only three days of work this week
-and one day of eating stuff made by other people
-this. a lot.
-the cold weather when I'm going out in cute sweater, boots and jackets
-the fact that I'm getting a new car this week

What I hate right at this very moment in time:
-the fact that I feel like I need to throw up and I can't
-the fact that I can't decide whether I should just make myself throw up and get it over with
-cold weather when I'm sitting at home in ugly pajamas
-did I mention the possibility of vomit?
-the fact that I'm trading in the greatest car I've ever had (not that I've had a ton of them, but this one is just top notch. Dude, we survived a bear attack together)

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