Saturday, November 08, 2008

Me, by the numbers

times I've gone shopping in the past week: 0 (not having a debit card helped a lot)

shampoos and conditioners in my shower: five of each

Web sites I checked at work during election day: approximately one hundro

times I've fallen asleep on the couch this week and then woken up with wet hair and a crick in my neck, only to have to stay up and dry my hair so I won't cry when I see my hair in the morning: five

nicknames I call my cat: 18

bowls of chili I've eaten this week: four (and I've still got one to go)

days I've made my bed this week: six (I wasn't home for one of those mornings so my bed was still made for the next day, so I guess technically it was seven days)

times a day I heard Ronda say 'shoowee': 5

times a day I want to hear Ronda say 'shoowee': 12

minutes a day I spend sniffing my self (and my new perfume): 69

black shirts I have worn this week: four

minutes a day I spend doing any actual work at work: 45

times my mother said 'one more song' last night during Rock Band: three

times my father rolled his eyes and leaned back into the couch: three

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