Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm back, a black queen upon the scene with a knack for funky tracks, you know what I mean?

I have had several people ask me about the story behind this picture from my Flickr site. So here you go:

While at work one day, Sarah and I were reading People magazine. I started to read a story about a girl who had Down Syndrome. The reason that People was going a story on her was because she was able to live on her own in her own apartment. She also had a job. Working at Wal-Mart as a security guard. WTF, I know. The story went on to say that she quit her job at Wal-Mart after she caught two shoplifters and then decided that her job was too scary. I'm not sure if she wasn't quite aware of what her job was until she caught the shoplifters or what. (When I tell this story to people in real life, I make some joke about how bad do those shoplifters have to feel knowing that they got caught by a mentally handicapped person, but because I don't necessarily know you and your feelings about those kinds of jokes, I'm not going to say it here). But anyways, she quit. She then decided to spend all of her free time making scrap books. Of rap stars. But the only rap stars she put in her book were Usher and Queen Latifah (who I'm not even sure is black or a rapper anymore). She also got a boyfriend (who also has Down Syndrome) who loved rap stars (not rappers, but rap stars). Apparently his favorites were also Usher and Queen Latifah. The two of them also gave each other rap-style nicknames (that's how People magazine put it and it makes me laugh every time). He called her C-Money and she called him S-Dogg.

And because I have no soul and I love to make fun of people, I made this sample scrap book page to continue to make fun of this girl. Because my telling this story over and over and laughing at them wasn't enough.

I'm a bitch. But I'm not proud of it. Much.

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