Thursday, March 23, 2006

All about Kristine

In honor of Kristine's birthday, Stuff Portrait Friday is all about her.

1. A picture of my gift to her
2. Three words that describe the birthday girl
3. A self-portrait of my dorky face in the mirror

My gift to Kristine

This is my gift to you. While it may not seem like much, it's valuable to me. And apparently the old lady who kept trying to outbid me for it. My grandfather was working an estate auction, so my mother and I went to see what stuff they had, you know, besides the house they were trying to sell. As I think we are all aware from the last SPF, I am a bit of a candle freak. So when they brought out a box of candles and started the bidding at a dollar, I was all over it. Until this old lady in her housecoat and rollers decided that she must have this box of candles, no matter how much this adorable (if I do say so myself) little thirteen-year old girl wanted it. But this lady's first mistake was undermining my love of all things that can be lit with a match (including the woods behind my neighbor's house, but that's another post). Her second mistake was, of course, that housecoat and roller combo she was workin.' Long story long, I ended up with the box of candles and she ended up keeping her money so she could go buy another pack of menthols. When my mother and I got in the car, I excitedly starting digging in the box to see all of the candles that were in there. And what was waiting for me in the bottom of the box? This little treasure known as the "poondle," which is know my gift to you. Enjoy!

Three words that describe Kristine

All these things can easily be seen in the things that Kristine says on her Web site about her family and friends. And anyone who can come with an idea like SPF can definitely be put into the creative category.

My dorky face in the mirror

The camel face is a face that I love to make and also to run up and do to others. The camel face is done by pulling down on your chin and your forehead at the same time. I obviously can't do both of those and take a picture at the same time, so here you can see the top part of the camel face (and just so you know, I am sticking out my tongue here, I thought I should tell you because if I didn't, you might just think that I had collagen injected into my lips because that's what it looks like to me). The hardest thing about the camel face is doing it without laughing. If you or the person you are attempting to do the camel face on starts to laugh, you have to pause and then begin again when they stop laughing. This sometimes takes a while, but the camel face is well worth it. Well worth it.

I'm sure that everyone is out partying in honor of Kristine's birthday, but before you party like it's her birthday, answer me one question:



AL said...

Cool use of the mirror in this post :)

I played, too.

Kami said...

Great SPF!!!

What a nice gift you gave her.

Christie said...

hehe- at first I thought that said "cheating" and I was like- wtf!? lmao- happy spf!
*I should really learn to read...*

Charlotte in Pa said...

Very fun SPF! At first I thought you wrote the words on your shirt. I'm a moron. :-)

Easily Amused said...

Great SPF play!!!

Lovin how you wrote the words on the mirror!

Jana said...

Great SPF!

Thanks for your comment on mine!

Mama C said...

I love that gift!

So creative with the mirror and love the camel face.

I played too.

MrsDoF said...

I was wondering why the writing on the mirror was not reversed... Well, duh.
I'll have my bifocals fixed real soon.

Great SPF!

Lee said...

that is an excellent SPF stuff:)

The Kept Woman said...

Dang, my ex-hubby taught me how to do the best monkey face....should have thought of that earlier.

Love the camel face and explanation...will try in a moment.

Fleur De Lisa said...

I love your words/picture combo. Happy SPF! I've played too...

Torie said...

Okay so that is like the cleaverest use of the mirror.
I played too!

Random and Odd said...

ADORABLE! that is so cool!!

Camel face!! hee hee.

Thank you so much! You're very sweet.

Kristine :)