Saturday, December 10, 2005

My luck, it's a'changing

Tomorrow night, I get to go to a meet and greet with Default and Hinder and Bif Naked. I have won two contests on the radio in the past couple of weeks. Apparently this means that I can no longer say "But I never win anything." Although I really do never win anything. I was just lucky.

I won tickets to Gwen Stefani on the the day that I was running really late. If I hadn't been late to work, I never would have been listening to 102.5 (please don't hate me because I listen to Venus FM. Sometimes they play good 80's songs.). But because I was sitting in traffic at 9:15 that morning, I heard them say to call in and win. And I did. I was just lucky that day.

I won tickets to the show tomorrow night because of luck and my ability to multi-task. I was sitting at my desk doing some paperwork and listening, but not really listening, to 102.9. I heard them say that the boxofice was open. So I picked up the phone and dialed. And Zigs picked up too. Luck was definitely my bitch yesterday. But I will continue to treat Luck with the dignity and respect that she deserves because she is helping me meet famous people. And that is something that I love doing.

I called Doogie to ask who I am supposed to meet up with tomorrow night to get into the meet and greet he told me to look for Russell...the love muscle. He shouldn't be too hard to find. So if you are downtown tomorrow night, and you see some crazy chick running down 12th Ave screaming something bif naked and the love muscle, just wave and say hi to me.

Here is a picture of girl winking and giving a thumbs up to the "mommie" that didn't abort her.

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I guess I'm going to go to bed soon so that I can get some beauty rest for tomorrow when I am having a picture taken with my brother and sister. Oh yeah, and meeting Dallas Smith...

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