Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Life in Bowling Green: Update

Okay. So, tonight I was on my way home from my ethnography class when something happened to validate my point I made earlier. I was sitting at a stoplight waiting to turn off of Scottsville Rd. onto Shive Ln. I was in the turning lane behind a car. There was a police car sitting in one of the lanes that goes straight. After a couple of minutes, we got a green arrow to turn while the light for those going straight was still red. I started to turn and saw the police car GO THROUGH THE RED LIGHT. I know that they weren't on their way to an emergency because they had sat at the red light for THREE MINUTES and because of the fact that you could tell they realized what they were doing when they were halfway through the intersection. They started to put on their brakes and then said "screw it" and just went on through. WTF is that?

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