Friday, December 17, 2004

My wishes and rules for our trip

When you wish upon a star:

*peace, I don't care if it's world or not just as long as it's happening right where we are.
*love your christmas gifts. You have no idea how much I stress.

I know what's a rule, but what's a rule:
*don't make fun of us for changing our clothes more then thrice when we're just going to the lobby for breakfast. Mickey may be there. WE HAVE TO LOOK GOOD FOR MICKEY.
*if I'm sick and you're drunk, don't lay on top of me and cry while the dumbass takes our picture. JUST. DON'T.
*if you're going to poop (and we all know you're going to), light a match for God's sake.
*don't make fun of me because I want to find a mall and buy a new bra
*don't put your finger anywhere near my boobs or my butt crack. Yes, that means you.
*let me have my Funsaver moments. It's not going to hurt you.

Disney: we're on our way...

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